We have already informed you about the conditions of refugees who are being held in Kırklareli Pehlivanköy deportation center under Turkey-EU re-admission deal. The Afghan family that could contact us applied to international protection application. We do not have any information about the rest of the refugees living there. Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM), are still evaluating the application of the Afghan family that we are in touch. However, since April 29 2016 the application is not finalized yet. The family is holder of international protection application but they cannot get the document because of bureaucratic reasons. Meanwhile, the family has been sent from Pehlivanköy Deportation Center to İzmir Işıkkent Deportation where the conditions are much worse.


In Izmir Deportation Center:


– Even family members can not live together.

– The male member of the family claims that he can only go out for 5 minutes a day to get fresh air.

– The old female member of the family states that she needs angio operation due to vascular occlusion in her heart. She is afraid that she can not survive in these conditions and she might have a heart attack.

–  The child of the family explains in tears that he is so afraid because he is not allowed to see his father.

In summary, torture for the refugees is increasing!


All of these points are torture for a human being. Torture might be regarded as beating, palestinian hanging, torturing with electricity. However, the points mentioned above such as isolation, inadequate time for fresh air, deprivation of treatment, not providing healthy environment for a sick person are all counted as torture and they are all exploitation of human rights.


The refugees whose application has been assessed by Directorate General of Migration Management are still being kept  in the deportation centre for arbitrary reasons.


In our petition, we stated that the administration detention should be repealed, the older member of the family should urgently be taken to the cardiology department of the hospital or a doctor should come to the deportation centre if it’s possible. However our petition is not responded.


I want to say it one more time; refugees in Turkey do not have a legal security. Their access to lawyers are limited and legal predictability which is an essential element of administrative law is ignored. The refugees who have been sent back from Greece to Turkey were not provided any legal consultancy. They were not aware of what will going to happen to them. After a difficult process for international protection application, the refugees are being moved to another centre arbitrary, without any explanation.


Lastly, we call out to authorities: we demand that the conditions of deportation centres should be enhanced and isolation of refugees should be stopped.


We think that bureaucracy is not more important than human lives. People can not be deprived of their freedom under colour of bureaucracy. We demand that the refugees whose international protection application has been done should liberated soon.


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