The fascist ghost of Europe appeared in Calais

74ccb79c-f15d-47bd-9c7d-c2ac8db94bb7The fascist ghost of Europe appeared in Calais The refugee camp in Calais, which is an entrance point from France to the UK, was emptied and destroyed using non-humanistic methods which violated general human rights. French security forces stormed the camp violently with bulldozers and gas capsules, where between seven and ten thousand people were living, including hundreds of children. Just like the reasons for the emergence of this camp, its destruction was also with non-humanistic methods. Calais was a camp originally founded in 1999 for Sudanese, Afghan, Ethiopian, Syrian and Iraqi refugees who were escaping from war, starvation, and oppression.

These people were attempting to enter the UK in the hope of a better life. They hazarded many consequences, including being split from their families, losing family members while passing dangerous ways and even jail. All this did not change the existence of this camp, which not only showed the dissonant conflict of the European “modern world”, “civilization”, and “global rights” understanding, but was also a constant threat to this seemingly European understanding. This camp in the middle of Europe showed the unhygienic, uncivilised life circumstances far from humanity. It indicated downright what Europe understands in terms of humanity. Like France, other European countries watched without any interventions, how people lived in nylon camps without food, heating, protection or education: in short, without basic needs. Helpful interventions came again from active civil folk and civil organizations. Until today the French Government have not entered the camp to provide any help, but rather only for its destruction, with support from other European countries. The fascist ghost of Europe appeared in Calais. Let us name it as a dirty secret war, which is not ashamed to take children in his custody. History is repeating itself, as it did with Native Americans, Jews and black people. The “white man” takes his land using war, starvation, and death.

However it disturbs him when he sees such people in his own safe, sterile, peaceful and happy environment, despite those people having no other opportunity to live. Indeed you owe these people called refugees, who you don’t like and see as dirty and disturbing, a place to live and a whole life. Instead of apologising for all slavery, genocides, and oppressions it has committed, Europe leads a secret war against refugees and immigrants. In other words, the ‘Jungle’ in Calais occupied by refugees “got cleaned”. The civilised, legal, and democratic values, which are consequences of Jewish genocide committed under the Nazi regime, are today’s empty balloons distracting the step by step destructive converse with refugees. In other words, what Nazis did directly, is done today step by step indirectly, without giving these people any decent opportunity and forcing them to perish!

The destruction of Calais is like taking people’s land from under their feet. These people are in the centrum of civilisation between France-UK boundaries, however they do not have a place to survive. In every human crisis, we are not on the side of the government, instead we stand in solidarity beside the civil folk, victims and innocent people. Based on that principle we insist that to hinder camps like that in Calais is not a solution to human failure. Instead of destroying these camps, hindering the wars which are the reasons for such camps in the first place could be a better solution and is not impossible. Otherwise this human crime will never end and another crime will be added. In addition, we also insist that Europe owes these people their lives, as well as a place to live safely.


The Association of Bridging Peoples 30.10.2106

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